Pablo Neruda’s Bones
Copyright 2016 by Rebecca Roberts
All Rights Reserved (Click Here for Details)

What do you think Pablo? They’re digging you up. Are you interested in answers? Will this change how we love your words, your passion?  

The curious demand answers. A judge said OK. They now have the power. Forensic scientists will inspect you.  

“Lo Siento Mucho,” I want to cry out, but flesh hears screams. Bones hear whispers. Death is death. Bones are only bones. But are they not sacred once laid in the earth? Funny I feel this way, I who love relics.  

Is it just the surprise of it all? Will it pass? If we learn answers will it change anything?  

Poisoned or not we are grateful you lived. Grateful you spoke in colored words. Grateful you raged and posed questions as I pose one now. And this would all flow more beautifully if I spoke it in Spanish.

What do you think, Pablo? Are you not through speaking? Do your bones have more to say. Truth wants to speak too, so we will know the truth - or not.  And once we do, what will it change?  What do you think Pablo?

Rebecca Roberts (2016)
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