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It is requested that only a single copy be made from the story's source page and that additional copies needed for reasons such as referrals or access from other platforms such as laptop or palm top devices be made from the URL page source so that the reader gets the benefit of the latest revision and that we have a feel for the number of accesses.

The stories may be converted from HTML to simple ASCII text with the condition that the entire text remain intact including the copyright, contact information, and HTML source code URL address.  Links to individual stories may be posted on other sites on in published material with permission of the author.  These stories may not be converted into any proprietary or encrypted format and may not be offered in any case where a remuneration of any kind is required or requested of the end user.

If you find that the words evoke responses, we request a minimum payment of an e-mail sharing some of those responses.  If you are not e-mail equipped print up a pre addressed "fold your own" envelope to help send it in.

Our goal here is not to "give away" our work, but to present it in a format that makes it easier to access and reference than the current crop of EBooks and EText provide with their proprietary and encrypted formats.

It is our opinion that the current offerings of EText in encrypted and proprietary formats build walls between the potential reader and the text.  A person has to follow a narrow path to obtain and store both the text and the software tools necessary to view the work and that software is intentionally constructed to keep the reader severely restricted in how they can access the work.

In return for the trust of putting these works out bare and unprotected, we ask that you not abuse the open and unrestricted offering of these works by illegally redistributing or other uses of these works for profit or any remuneration that does not include compensation for the author.

This and Rebecca's other works are presented to you in the almost universally accessible HTML source format to allow you to easily view and read them "on line," print the text to a printer or to convert the page into ASCII "text only" format that can be read on older platforms or printed for special access in formats such as braille, large text or even electronically converted to a synthetic voice generator.