Would you like to be notified of Rebecca Roberts openings, shows and events?

Because several of you have expressed interest in knowing about any events, even if they are not located near their homes, I am offering anyone who wishes the option to receive notice of all events the option of signing up for email show notifications. These will be sent to everyone on the list for every show.

Since I have very strong feelings about unsolicited emails, I will only mail these notices to those who send me an email indicating that they wish to get email notices.  These notices will have the additional benefit of containing more information and pictures describing the event as well as printable map and direction information.

Note that I will NEVER give your address to any other party without your approval to do so.

Click here to send me an email to get on this list.

Click Here  to remove your name from this list. (note... if your email address is different from the address on my mailings, please include that information in the email requesting removal)