All aspects of this web site other than the writings and other works created by Rebecca, from the images to the design, layout and execution, were created by Beverly Howard, who, despite the name, is Rebecca's husband of eighteen years.

Layout and text editing was accomplished using Netscape 4.7x and TextPad 4. The images were scanned from slides taken by Jane Moss and Pat Haverfield as well as some digital images snapped with the tiny Kodak DC20 digital camera or the obsolete Kodak DC120 the Jornada PocketPc Compact Flash camera and our new tool, a Canon Digital Elf.

All of the images were, at one point or another, edited and manipulated using IRFanView which provided the free but powerful tools to manipulate all aspects of the image files that were needed.  I am, indeed, a real "fan" of IRFanView.

One primary goal is reducing page loading wait times to an absolute minimum. All of the JPEG images were compressed to the maximum possible degree and still retain the visual information necessary to convey the essence of each picture to the viewer.

This page, as well as my own, tend to fall to the bottom of very long "to do" lists for both of us, so, apologies in advance for errors, broken links or images that could be a bit better.  Both of our sites are always "under construction" so, let either of us know if we have missed something that needs fixing.

Beverly Howard

Feedback and suggestions related to technical aspects of and problems with this web page are welcome and encouraged.

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